Ending and Beginning Again

This term I took Web Design and Architecture, Collections Management, Electronic Resources Management, Science Medical and Technology Information, and Young Adult Materials. I was happy with my selections, although I am ultimately disappointed I can’t take more courses at Western. The classes coming up in the Winter term look absolutely amazing – including prospect research, which I would have been very happy to take.

I’ve had my last class, and I am now a graduate of the Masters of Library and Information Science program at Western University. It’s been a long year, with some trials and tribulations. But I’m happy to have accomplished a masters and looking forward to beginning the job hunt.

Ending school is a bit of an adjustment for me, as I’ve been in school consistently for as long as I can remember. I like the structure school brings, and I like being busy. Multitasking can be daunting at times, but on the whole I enjoy it. And of course, I love learning new things. I’ll confess I’ve already been looking at professional certifications I could do next – project management and health information are the most interesting to me.

But for right now, I’m going to take a break from formal education and focusing my sights on some practical experience. I’ve so far applied for many public libraries, non-profit organizations, and other positions to build my skills and begin my professional career. It will be stressful, but I’m excited to begin working (and saving for some important life milestones too).

While my applications begin rolling out, I’m going to be continuing my education using the databases I still have access to at Western and new resources available to me through Ontario Library Association (OLA). I also am registering for the OLA Super Conference, and I’m excited to begin networking and learning more about my field!


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