List of Courses

I decided to write up a list of courses I’ve taken as a MLIS student, in part for myself and resume building but also for others who may be considering what to take at FIMS. I took a multidisciplinary approach instead of streamlining in a single area, trying to create a broad realm of knowledge to bring into the job hunting process. If you have any questions about these courses or instructors, send me a message.

  • 9001 Perspectives on Library and Information Science, instructed by Louis D’Alton
  • 9002 Information Organization, Curation and Access, instructed by Victoria Rubin
  • 9003 Information Sources and Services, instructed by Paulette Rothbauer
  • 9004 Research Methods and Statistics, instructed by Pam McKenzie
  • 9005 Managing and Working in Information Organizations
  • 9203 Records Management, instructed by Carolynn Bart-Riedstra
  • 9313 Electronic Resources Management, instructed by Catherine Johnson
  • 9315 Collection Management, instructed by Don Wicks
  • 9319 Science, Technology & Medical Information, instructed by Stephen Coulstring
  • 9320 Consumer Health Information, instructed by Jill McTavish
  • 9364 Young Adult Materials, instructed by Paulette Rothbauer
  • 9514 Information Management, instructed by Melanie Sucha and Cabot Yu
  • 9650 Special Libraries, instructed by Robert Craig
  • 9673 Archival Description, instructed by Lutzen Riedstra
  • 9723 Web Design and Architecture, instructed by Gord Nickerson

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