Research Interests

One of my professional goals is to become knowledgeable in the following areas.

  1. LGBTQ+ Information and Programming: I’m extremely interested in how libraries cater to the needs of the LGBTQ+ community in general, from personal experiences as a member in the community and due to my interest in young adult literature, which tends to be more inclusive than other genres. I’ve so far been compiling articles on both public and academic libraries’ attitudes toward this community, and written several papers and completed several projects on the topic. So far I’ve come to learn that there is actually a fair amount of work done on this broad topic in librarianship.
  2. Medical librarianship:¬†I began this interest while taking a course in Consumer Health Information, which affirmed my desire to work in health information. I’m surrounded by health care workers and allied health professionals in my family and friends, so I have some background knowledge to work with. I later added to this knowledge by taking Science, Technology and Medical Information during my third term of my MLIS, creating a Children’s Hospital library in a semester-long project for Special Libraries, and successfully finding a career working in health information.
  3. Indigenous Outreach: My experience with¬†Librarians Without Borders as Chair and Communications Coordinator for a year exposed me to specific information needs and service models for Indigenous communities in Ontario. I visited a Chippewas community multiple times, volunteering and running programming opportunities at Kettle and Stony Point Public Library and Kettle and Stony Point Public School. I’ve always been interested in First Nations issues, and my interest grew rapidly with my focus on Canadian history at McMaster. The issues that must be rectified within librarianship include funding issues, literacy, access to information and digital tools, and promotion of Indigenous issues in all of Canada